Why are waiting room design and furniture so important?

waiting room

You might think that a waiting room is just a space with some chairs for people that are waiting for an appointment to sit in and read some magazines while they pass the time, but there is actually much more to it.

It is a space where people are obliged to wait, sometimes for several hours. So, if you want people to have the best experience possible, even if they have to be stuck in a room for long periods of time, you need to consider the design.

Contrary to what many believe, waiting rooms are very important and they can enhance – or not – the commitment to clients or patients. These spaces can even be influential enough to make people think about switching to another provider.

A person’s first impression will be the waiting area and the company’s reception. As a matter of fact, studies have discovered that more than half of the time someone goes to a hospital is spent in a waiting room. So, since a large portion of the visit is spent in this area, it needs to be a welcoming and comfortable space.

Manhattan Office Design also knows that there is a direct correlation between waiting room experiences and the perceived overall quality of the service they receive. People who arrive at vibrant, open areas will more likely feel they can receive a higher quality of service than those in darker, closed rooms.

Design elements for a high-quality waiting room

Among some of the elements to consider if you want to have the best waiting room possible that also gives the clients the best experience they can have while waiting for their appointment are the energy and distracting elements.

A space that elicits calm and soothing energy will help reduce the visitor’s anxiety. Also, positive distractions will also help, such as images and colors of nature. It is also known in recent studies that instead of a TV and loud noises, people prefer a quieter area with available reading material.

Seating and spacing are also very important elements for a quality waiting room. It is important for the place to have seating accommodation where families can sit together and talk, but also options for those who prefer a more private seating.

As for the types of seating, it can be as varied as possible so that people of all sizes feel comfortable. Those with arms will be helpful for visitors to get in and out of their chairs.

Global Furniture Group has several tandem seating options especially designed for waiting rooms. They can be accommodated in many different configurations according to the space available and capacity needs.

tandem seating global furniture group

Beam Seating

Beam Seating from Global Furniture Group is an excellent choice of office furniture which is also incredibly flexible. Specifically designed for waiting rooms and reception areas, the seating units attach easily to a universal beam base.

You can choose from two, three and four-person lengths and the beam units can be positioned tightly along a wall in a straight run or expanded for L or U configurations.

These seats can be used too for separating seating pods for specific user groups or to control traffic flow.

Duet Beam

Another great option of office furniture for waiting rooms is Duet Beam from Global Furniture Group. It is a high-density comfortable and durable seating that can be used on beam models and you can choose the design with or without arms.

This is a great choice for high-traffic areas since the seats are made from polypropylene, which is a very durable material.

Sonic Beam

Finally, from Global Furniture Group, there is the Sonic Beam series for waiting and reception areas. Available in three different lengths, it can accommodate up to four seating units, with or without arms.

Also made from polypropylene, the seats and backs can come in a wide selection of designer colors that will combine with the rest of your office.

You can also add power solutions to your waiting room by offering comfortable places located strategically for people to charge their laptops, phones or tablets if they need to while they wait.

More reasons why waiting room design is important

waiting room design

If the reasons we gave you before weren’t enough and you are still not convinced, here are more reasons why putting the effort in the design of your waiting room is important:

1.First impression matters

The first experience a visitor will have before entering his or her appointment is in the reception and waiting areas. If it is not a nice place to be, the overall experience will definitely not be the same.

2.You can educate the guests

Instead of having your guests wait and get bored, you can use this opportunity to give them key information on various services. You can do this by using brochures, mini books that they can take home with them, broadcast a video on TV and so on.

3.Avoid feeling jammed

No one likes crowded, uncomfortable spaces and some waiting rooms – unplanned ones – can become just that. This is why designing this area of the office will optimize the space so that patients or clients, as well as the staff, can move around freely and unobstructed at all times.


Sometimes, depending on the company or professional, the client will need to use his or her time in the waiting room to fill out forms with personal information or even billing details. A well-designed space will be able to give them the privacy they need and not make the experience make them feel self-conscious or uncomfortable.

If you still need help and advice, we are here to help you create the perfect waiting room or reception for your business. We have just the office furniture in New York that you need. Contact us today at Manhattan Office Design!

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