NLC Is Nightingale’s Most Stylish Chair for a Modern NY Office Design

NLC by Nightingale has a high-end design paired with ultra comfortable and reliable ergonomic functionalities. You’ll love the harmony in every feature of Nightingale NLC. Let’s have a look at this outstanding piece of office furniture. If you want to see NLC by Nightingale and other furniture by the same brand, we think you’d love coming over to our Nightingale showroom in NY. Contact us or call 212.706.8509 and we’ll beat any quote. 

Looking for an ideal furniture piece that could boost the efficiency, comfort and overall quality of a small business? This is definitely the chair you need. Give it a try! Have more questions about small businesses? Take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions About Small Business 2023

Nightingale NLC Front View

Nightingale NLC Is Superior   

This is one of the best executive chairs in the market, and the best thing is that its outstanding performance is paired up with an exquisite appearance. The most innovative feature in NLC is the Newton Wafer mechanism, a thin support that actually has twice as much power as the regular ones. The aluminum base (5-prong) supports lots of weight and makes this chair sturdy. The exclusive lumbar support provides continuous relief on the lower back and decorates the chair. Seat adjustment, synchro-tilt, flip-up arms, and a headrest complete the list of wonderful ergonomic features in NLC. If you get Nightingale’s NLC, you’re investing in comfort and unbeatable style.Visit our Nightingale Showroom and get the best office furniture in NY. We’d love to help you renew your office! Call 212.706.8509 or contact us.

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