HON’s Solve is the Right Chair for an Eye-Catching Office Interior Design

Ergonomic chairs are essential pieces to get the office interior design plan that won’t only look great, but also be healthy for your body. That’s when HON’s Solve chair comes in. This office chair will contribute comfort and support to your workers, and make your office look amazing in the process. 

Have you been planning a brand-new office interior design? If so, take your time to look at these “Top HON Task Chairs to be More Productive in New York.” Then, get in touch with the best  HON furniture dealers in NY by visiting our HON Showroom in NYC, where you’ll be able to test Solve and other HON chairs by yourself. Take a look at it before you actually visit! Read “Best Office Furniture Showrooms in New York: HON Showroom.” Visit us; we’ll beat any quote out there. You can also type in “office furniture near me,” contact us or call 212.706.8509. 

Solve by HON in Orange (Back View)

Solve the Riddle of Uncomfortable Office Chairs 

HON’s Solve is among the most comfortable office chairs in the market thanks to its variety of ergonomic features. Here are the most relevant: synchro-tilt control, pneumatic seat adjustment, different back materials, and extra lumbar support. The proprietary ReActiv™ geometric design and fixed to 4D arms are other functional features that add to the overall comfort of Solve. Don’t worry about your Solve chair not matching your office design because you can customize it with many different finishes, backs, frames, and upholstery textiles. 

Solve by HON in Green (Front View)

Just look at it and tell me this is not the perfect chair for a small business owner, you can’t! Check out this new infographic on small businesses here, by the way: https://advocacy.sba.gov/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/Whats-New-Infographic-March-2023-508c.pdf

An Inside Look on Solve 

Synchro-tilt provides personalized back tension adjustment that moves according to your moves. The height and depth seat adjustment are smooth and easy to reach. The back of Solve by HON is an attractive design that keeps air circulating for freshness even in long sittings, and provides extra back support, just like the ilira®-stretch Mesh M4 fabric. For the most exact fit, you can order your Solve chair with extra lumbar support and adjustable arms.  Now that you love Solve, you’ll need to contact the best HON furniture dealers in NY. Check out our HON Showroom in NY! Contact us, call 212.706.8509 or type in “office furniture near me” to find us!

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