CXOti by Nightingale Furniture is the Most Comfortable Chair for Heavy Schedules

CXOti is the best piece of furniture you will ever find if we’re talking about long hours of work. This Nightingale office chair is not like any other. It even stands out from the other CXO collections because it provides a much higher level of comfort, specifically thought for uninterrupted use. Enjoy the ergonomic features and supporting comfort of CXOti! You can drop by our Nightingale showroom in NY to try CXOti and other Nightingale furniture NY. Type in “office furniture near me,” call 212.706.8509 or contact us; we’re ready to help you! 

CXOti Nightingale Chair with Headrest (Front View)

CXOti Gets You Through the Long Haul

CXOti is remarkably durable and comfortable because its materials were specially designed and upgraded to support non-stop work, 24/7, 365 days a year. Surveillance or security forces and workers with long shifts in general will find the perfect chair in CXOti.

Here’s what you should know about CXOti:

  • ENERSORB™ is ultra-comfortable foam. It is the main component in CXOti’s contoured adjustable pad (for thoracic lumbar support) and optional headrest with coat hook.  
  • ABLEX™ is a patterned weave mesh back for lumbar support and smooth movement that adapts to each body.  
  • Mystic fabric dual-layer allows airflow and is four-way stretch. 
  • Spring-loaded ball bearing ratcheting system operates the adjustable armrests
  • Slow seat and back release knee-tilt mechanism 
  • Pneumatic height adjustment 
  • Die-cast aluminum base (5-prongs)  
  • Adjustable seat depth
  • Holds up to 350lbs.

If you were looking for Nightingale furniture in NY, your search is over! Drop by our NY Nightingale showroom and CXOti and other amazing office furniture in Manhattan all by yourself. Contact us or call 212.706.8509.

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